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In 1588 the Spanish Armada ship The Girona sunk off the north coast near Portrush. She lay on the sea bed untouched for hundreds of years until just fifty years ago a team of divers went exploring and recovered some magnificent treasure from the watery grave.

However, the brave scavengers were unable to retrieve all the treasure and the recent storms have washed up some shipwreck debris into this cave.

You now have one hour to search, solve the puzzles, retrieve the treasure and escape before the tide comes back in to wash it all out to sea again, taking out with it!

This game is designed for adults but may be played by children aged 9+ when accompanied by an adult (Under 16s must be accompanied).

The Naughty List

It’s just days before Christmas and you’ve discovered you’re on the naughty list again this year!

Rather than risk an empty stocking again this Christmas morning you have taken matters into your own hands and bribed a sympathetic elf to get you access to Santa’s house so you can find Santa’s Nice List and add your name to it. If you’re caught you’ll be banished to the Naughty List for eternity! The elf is standing guard watching for Santa’s return, you have just 60 minutes – can you find it and get out before the big man returns?

This game is designed for adults but may be played by children aged 10+ (must be accompanied by adult).