Our Rooms


It’s the final day of the school term and you’ve landed yourselves a detention.

When the teacher was out of the room you and your fellow students snuck into a storeroom but it has locked behind you. The teacher thinks you’ve gone home and has no idea you’re still in school.

You now have one hour to get yourselves out of the storeroom and escape before the caretaker locks up the whole school for the holidays with you inside!

Uncle George The Spy

You’ve been tasked to clear out the apartment of your deceased Great-Uncle George. As you recall he was a grumpy old man who never had much time for you. Your abiding childhood memory of him is telling you off for rooting through his stuff; perhaps now you know why.

Whilst rifling through old Uncle George’s bookcase you find yourself whisked into a secret room revealing a side to Uncle George you never knew- he was a Cold War Spy. It turns out Uncle George was an MI6 spy and maybe even a double agent for the soviets.

Like all good spies Uncle George has taken security precautions and you’ve gotten yourself locked in and now have one hour to get out of the room before the intelligence services storm the building, or maybe it will be soviet KGB agents…